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Course Overview

PRASAD INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES KHARGHAR offers a full time three year programme leading to a Bachelors degree in Business Administration awarded by the UGC Aproved University

Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is a three-year full-time course that is designed to give rise to future professionals rather than mere 'degree holders'. This course keeps in mind the needs of the industry, where the students ultimately find employment and therefore, has a completely different approach to learning. The program is designed with the objective of producing business executives, managers and entrepreneur with a blend of theory and practical expertise which helps students in taking up challenging tasks in the industry and their own ventures.

Courses Recognised by Government of India

  • A candidate for being eligible for admission to the Degree course in Bachelor of Business Administration shall have passed 12th Std. Examination (H.S.C. 10+2) from any stream or 18years of age..
  • Two years Diploma in Pharmacy after H.S.C.,
  • Three Year Diploma Course (after S.S.C., i.e. 10th Standard)
  • Assessment,Standard of Passing and Award of Class

  • There will be written examination for 80 marks of 3 hours duration for every course at the end of each semester. Internal assessment will be of 20 marks mainly comprising of internal tests, tutorials, assignments, day to day class performance and attendance. Students are required to submit a written report (assessed for 30 marks) followed by a viva voce of 20 marks. In order to pass in a course, a candidate will have to score a minimum of 40% marks in each subject.
  • The INSTITUTE follows continuous evaluation pattern which consists of :

  • Progressive Assessment Test (25% weightage)– Conducted for 10 marks
  • Class performance (25% weightage) including group discussions, presentations, book reviews, projects, surprise tests, attendance and overall behavior.
  • Note: Assessment of first year students will be done by the college as per University norms. The class shall be awarded to the students on the basis of aggregate marks obtained by them in second and third years.
  • Assessment and evaluation for Short term course, bridge courses vary from course to course.
  • Rules of ATKT

  • A student shall be allowed to keep term for the second year, if he/she has a backlog of not more than four theory heads of total number of subjects of the first year examination, which consists of first & second semesters.
  • A Student shall be allowed to keep term for the third year, if he/she has no backlog of first year and if he/she has a backlog of not more than four theory heads of total number of subjects of the second year examination, which consists of third & fourth semesters.
  • In order to enhance the skill sets of the students, PIMS also offers various Short Term Courses. These courses are designed specifically keeping in mind the inputs from the industry as well s to improve the general skills of our students.
  • Short Term Courses offered:

    Sr. No. Name Of the Course a

  • Business English Certification AUTONOMUS
  • Save Forest Save Wildlife AUTONOMUS
  • Conservation of Historical Monuments AUTONOMUS
  • Media Management AUTONOMUS
  • Youth Empowerment through Value Education AUTONOMUS
  • Port Logistics Management AUTONOMUS
  • In order to enhance the skill sets of the students, PIMS also offers various Short Term Courses. These courses are designed specifically keeping in mind the inputs from the industry as well s to improve the general skills of our students.

    Short Term Courses offered:

    Sr. No. Name Of the Course a

    Sr. No. Name Of the Course a
    1 Business English Certification AUTONOMUS
    2 Save Forest Save Wildlife AUTONOMUS
    3 Conservation of Historical Monuments AUTONOMUS
    4 Media Management AUTONOMUS
    5 Youth Empowerment through Value Education AUTONOMUS
    6 Port Logistics Management AUTONOMUS
    7 Yoga and Mental Health AUTONOMUS
    8 hotography AUTONOMUS

    Assessment,Standard of Passing and Award of Class

  • With the ever changing and evolving modern day management scenario, it is the need of the hour to equip tomorrow’s professionals with the ability to adapt to change and to overcome the challenges posed. To improve the competitiveness of graduates, the college conducts some innovative beyond curriculum "value added" programs for the students which include study of foreign languages lectures. VAP helps the students to sharpen special analytical & written communication skills pertaining to specific in business situations. The value addition program is essential for overall development of our students. This program constantly updates and upgrades the students to keep them the much needed edge for accomplishing their goals.
  • A. Bridge Courses:

  • To bridge the knowledge gap identified among the First Year students, following Foundation Courses are offered for a student pursuing BBA
  • Sr. No. Programme
    1 Foundation course on Economics
    2 Foundation course on Mathematics and Statistics

    B. Foreign Language:

  • In today’s’ competitive world, every student should have knowledge of at least one foreign language. Keeping this in mind, BBA students are offered choice of one foreign language as a part of Value Addition Programmes in the Second Year of BBA:
  • Sr. No. Programme
    1 German
    2 French

    C.Soft Skills Training:

  • In the Third Year of BBA, a student is offered training in soft skills such as Preparation of Group Discussions and Personal interviews( GD and PI), Resume writing, Manners and Etiquettes etc. so as to prepare him/ her for a strong academic career (Post graduation) or enable him /her for Career in Industry.
  • Industry visits are mandatory for a BBA student, during which students visit companies and get insight regarding the internal working environment of a company and how a company functions, as well as useful information related to the practical aspects of the educational course which cannot be visualized in lectures. The industrial visit is considered one of the most tactical methods of teaching. It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Moreover, it gives exposure from an academic point of view. Industry visits are arranged for the students to well-known and renowned companies which enable them to get the practical exposure and bridge the gap between theory and practical knowledge. Before every Industry Visit, a homework session is organized for the students, wherein they are told about the company, products etc. They are also told to refer the website of the company. Every Industry visit has a focus area which is communicated to the company; the company gives presentation on that particular focus area to our students and then the visit becomes more meaningful.

    Guest lectures form an integral part of the learning experience for a student pursuing MANAGEMENT COURSES. Guest lectures expose the students to the current trends in corporate culture and provide an insight into the practical aspects of learning. These guest lectures also form a bridge between industry and academia, thus providing valuable inputs to the students.


    The obvious choice after BBA is opting for a postgraduate degree- MBA. Having a prior knowledge of different aspects of Management, BBA graduates often find it easier to crack MBA entrance exams as compared to Commerce graduates. Students also pursue an academic program in foreign universities. The preferred programs are MBA, MS (Marketing or Finance) and MS (Entrepreneurship). PIMS organizes seminars and guest lectures for our students to give them insight into career progression in countries abroad. Necessary support will be provided to our students.


    Students also have an option of joining as Management Trainees / Executive Trainees in any of the following sectors after their BBA:

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Market Research
  • Consultancy
  • Finance
  • Consumer Durables
  • FMCG
  • IT Companies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • With their diversity and well-balanced technical and soft skills, PIMS’s students will be equipped to contribute towards the success of organisations.. The Placement Cell of PIMS is working to strength through nurturing of value added relationships over the years.

    Fees for the BBA Programme is payable in four installments over the Three years of the programme. The approximate amount of fees and deposits for the programme is given in the table below. When deemed necessary, the Institute may revise the fees of the programme.

    First Year Second Year Third Year Total
    Admission 25000/-     25000
    Tuition 60000/- 59000/- 56500/- 1,75,500/-
    Course material 4000/- 4000/-    
    Computer&Library 2500/- 2500/- 2500/- 9000/-
    Academic Services 3500/- 2500/- 2500/- 85000/-
    Prep.&Out Rich PR 1000/- 1000/- 1000/- 2500/-
    TOTAL 96500/- 65500/- 62500/- 2,25,000/-

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